PLancet Blood Lancet

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PLancet TM is a trademark for our new product – plastic-tipped (plastic tip) lancets, which are used in blood sampling for blood tests and glucose monitoring. The product can reliably extract sufficient blood samples, in the range of 0.5-1.0ul for all glucose monitoring meters on the market, and it provides a pleasant experience for users taking a blood test. Larger and longer plastic needles for lancets can be made to target high blood volume applications without the pain.
PLancetTM is a green product as the polymers used in manufacturing can be bio-polymers that are obtained from renewable sources (not the conventional fossil fuel), and therefore the production of our product reduces greenhouse emissions considerably. The manufacturing process is solely injection moulding, which is clean and does not discharge toxic chemicals. Moreover, the all-plastic nature of PLancetTM allows simple disposal of the used sharps by melting.
The manufacturing process involves two injection moulding steps, one in moulding the strips of plastic microneedles and the subsequent one involves over-moulding of the body and cap on the needles. The two processes can be staggered to shorten the cycle time to 15 seconds.

PLancet-12Twin-shot moulded PLancet blood lancet
PLancet-22Safety lancet incorporating a PLancet