One-Step Body Fluid Sampling Platform

One-Step Body Fluid Sampling for Diagnostic Platform refers to incorporating our plastic microneedle technology for sampling, collecting, and testing body fluids such as capillary whole blood, plasma or interstitial fluid which is extracted from the skin. This platform enables point-of-care (POC) tests to be carried out by the patients at home or the doctors at bedsides. The swift testing procedure ensures blood samples are not contaminated or dried up due to delay in juggling between a few devices.
We have developed several key platform technologies involving capillary whole blood and interstitial fluid extraction, plasma separation and fluidic management for one-step diagnostic applications. The fluidic management system, which involves micropumps, and fluidic cartridges, is capable of carrying out ELISA tests on a handheld device.
We have also developed an all-in-one device for instant blood group typing based on solid-phase lateral flow immuno-assay. The device is a cartridge comprising PLancet and a intake manifold to meter and distribute evenly the blood samples to individual test strips.

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