Our Products

Our Products

Micropoint Technologies develops and supplies the following products:

  • Micropoint PatchTM
  • MPatchTM Mini
  • MPatchTM Template
  • PLancetTM
  • Hollow Microneedle Hub
  • One-Step Blood Sampling Platform

We actively seek partners in distributing, co-developing, and using our product platforms.

Micropoint Patch

Micropoint PatchTM comprises essentially an array of microneedles made of stainl

MPatch Mini

MPatchTM Mini – It is a newly developed platform for painless drug injection a

MPatch Microneedle Template

MPatchTM Microneedle Template is a silicone template for making polymeric micron


For more information, please c

Hollow Microneedle Hub

Hollow Microneedle Hub is a 3×3 microneedle array with a luer-slip female hub c

One-Step Body Fluid Sampling Platform

One-Step Body Fluid Sampling for Diagnostic Platform refers to incorporating our