Micropoint Technologies Pte Ltd was established in 2008 by its Founder, Mr. Chee LIM.
The company was founded to commercialize the microneedle technology in the medical field, particularly in the cosmetics, transdermal drug delivery and in-vitro diagnostic industry. We at Micropoint continue to develop new microneedle products and technologies to cater to the various needs of our customers. Our microneedle products include dissolving or dissolvable microneedles, stainless steel or plastic microneedle patches, hollow microneedle hubs, and microneedle accessories such as microneedle templates for fabricating dissolving or dissolvable microneedles, spring applicators etc.

2008.04 Company incorporation
2012.12 FDA 510(k) & CE Mark for plastic needles
2013.05 Dissolvable microneedles obtained positive results in animal study
.11 Setting up of master mould fabrication facility
2014.10 Development of plastic microneedles with enhanced sharpness
2015.10 Dissolvable microneedles cleared bio-compatibility tests
2016.02 Setting up of a pilot production facility
.07 Commencement of human clinical trials using dissolvable microneedles
2017.12 Completion of clinical trial phase 2 in National Skin Centre

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