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Micropoint Technologies Pte Ltd was established in 2008 by its founder, Mr. Chee Lim. The company is a spin-off from the Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, wherein he worked for seven years developing the microneedle technology. The company was founded to commercialize the microneedle technology in the medical field, particularly in the transdermal drug delivery and in-vitro diagnostic industry. We at Micropoint continue to develop new products and technologies to cater to the various needs of our customers.

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Our Services

Micropoint Technologies provides the following services using our core technology to our valued customers:

Prototyping Services– quick turn-around time of 2-4 weeks for all types of stainless steel microneedles
Product Development Services – 3-6 months project for integrating our microneedle solutions into existing device
Pilot Run/ Mass Production – we follow-up with these product development projects with a pilot run for clinical trials.


Micropoint Technologies develops and supplies the following products:


Our Partnership

Micropoint Technologies actively seeks medical device, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical collaborators who are interested in development and commercialization of the following products:

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