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Micropoint Technologies Pte Ltd was established in 2008 by its founder, Mr. Chee Lim. The company is a spin-off from the Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, wherein he worked for seven years developing the microneedle technology. The company was founded to commercialize the microneedle technology in the medical field, particularly in the transdermal drug delivery and in-vitro diagnostic industry. We at Micropoint continue to develop new products and technologies to cater to the various needs of our customers.


Our Services

Micropoint Technologies provides the following services using our core technology to our valued customers:

Prototyping Services – quick turn-around time of 2-4 weeks for all types of stainless steel microneedles Product Development Services – 3-6 months project for integrating our microneedle solutions into existing device Pilot Run/ Mass Production – we follow-up with these product development projects with a pilot run for clinical trials.

Our Products

Micropoint Technologies develops and supplies the following products:

Micropoint Patch

Micropoint PatchTM comprises essentially an array of microneedles made of stainless steel, plastic materials or dissolving materials that are used to minimally penetrate the skin creating micron-sized channels, which act as a passage for drug to enter the body. The height of the microneedles ranges

MPatch Mini Microneedle Applicator

MPatchTM Mini – It is a newly developed platform for painless drug injection applications. The system comprises a spring-loaded applicator for applying dissolvable microneedle patch made of hyaluronic acid on the skin. The tips of the microneedles will be impregnated with drug such that after inse

MPatch Microneedle Template

MPatchTM Microneedle Template is made for making polymeric microneedle patches. Microneedle Template is formed by casting room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone over a stainless steel microneedle master mould. Polymeric materials such as hydrogels, chitosans, hyaluronic acids and sugars can be

One-Step Body Fluid Sampling Platform

One-Step Body Fluid Sampling for Diagnostic Platform refers to incorporating our plastic microneedle technology for sampling, collecting, and testing body fluids such as capillary whole blood, plasma or interstitial fluid which is extracted from the skin. This platform enables point-of-care (POC) te

Hollow Microneedle Hub

Hollow Microneedle Hub is a 3×3 microneedle array with a luer-slip female hub connectible to typical syringe. This is a good first prototype for conducting intradermal trials. The height of the microneedles is 1,000um and the distance between the microneedles is 1,000um. The lumen of the microneedl

PLancet Blood Lancet

For more information, please click here PLancet TM is a trademark for our new product – plastic-tipped (plastic tip) lancets, which are used in blood sampling for blood tests and glucose monitoring. The product can reliably extract sufficien

Our Partnership

Micropoint Technologies actively seeks medical device, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical collaborators who are interested in development and commercialization of the following products:


Our dissolving microneedle products consist of dissolving microneedle patches and a spring applicator. The dissolving microneedle patches are made of sodium hyaluronate, polyvinylpyrrolidine, and other bio-degradable materials that are fast-dissolving when in contact with skin. Active ingredients ca


Our PLancet TM blood lancets are low-cost disposable lancets that are moulded entirely with plastic materials. This product has cleared FDA's 510(k) and obtained CE mark. PLancet is manufactured by a twin-shot injection moulding process at ultra-high cost efficiency. This is a disruptive technology


Our expertise in microneedle applications and microfluidics provide a one-step technology platform for the development of one-step point-of-care diagnostic devices. Vacuum is applied to painlessly extract capillary whole blood or interstitial fluid from the skin. Inquiries are welcome!

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